Upcoming Events

The 35th Annual Pacific Southwest Zone Show

This show is in Clovis CA. It is 2 shows in 1. We joined the Pontiacs of Central California Show 3 years ago. You will need to register for both shows. Come out and join us for a great day in the park.
When: Fri May 1 9:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Where: Sierra Bicentennial Park Clovis CA 93611

32nd Annual Memorial Car Show and Picnic

This is our club's annual event. It is a great day in the park with our cars our friends and others who want to bring out their Oldsmobilies and to find out who we are.

For information and registration forms email us..
When: Sun September 27 9:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Where: Yorba Regional Park 7600 E. La Palma Anahiem, CA 92807

Event Flyers, Stories and Past Event info and pics.


POBC/Zone Show 2018 Clovis CA

POBC-Zone Show 2018 33599896_1799023820159107_684234963662405632_n 33622117_1799023593492463_1730839358925176832_n 33634213_1799024140159075_9129612634495123456_n 33651425_1799023226825833_6689789881419300864_n 33653402_1799023613492461_7812405658698907648_n 33663050_1799024200159069_783570208529842176_n 33665164_1799024383492384_2360032139140923392_n 33676115_1799023400159149_7386364311892918272_n 33689298_1799023453492477_3732342265444564992_n 33692006_1799023010159188_18233265747918848_n 33700745_1799024556825700_5882295579769307136_n 33711499_1799024593492363_440293306719535104_n 33720293_1799023083492514_6408132025001181184_n 33729352_1799023766825779_5269057404762324992_n 33734924_1799024513492371_7244764046212202496_n 33743068_1799023936825762_819712396980387840_n 33772744_1799023323492490_3596966077390651392_n 33809762_1799023720159117_193983847191281664_n 33828479_1799023990159090_4024028367987671040_n 33921618_1799023660159123_1961862149378670592_n

Memorial Car Show 2018

Best Of Show Winner 43411610_1988233537904800_2728834967894228992_n POC page 2 43345239_1988231957904958_1808166675971833856_n 43335364_1988232127904941_7699343419180580864_n 43266159_1988232067904947_4119057135046754304_n 43202986_1988233634571457_5887966577277534208_n Memorial Show 2018

Las Vegas 2014 – Carroll Shelby Museum Cruise


Las Vegas 2014 – Clark County Museum Cruise


 Las Vegas 2014 РHoover Dam

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