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Important: Please note our New Membership Location, details are at the bottom of this page, under “Meetings”.

The Oldsmobile Club of Southern California was founded in December of 1972 by a small group of Oldsmobile enthusiasts who recognized a need for a local organization to help promote the preservation of the then classic Olds models from the first eight decades of production.

The first meeting place was at South Gate Park and over the years, the club has moved around its monthly meeting place to 16 different locations in an effort to accommodate the continually growing membership as well as make the meeting location be as centrally located as possible. Some of these meeting sites included the GM Training Center in Burbank, Century Oldsmobile in Van Nuys, Pioneer Olds in North Hollywood, and Browning Oldsmobile in Cerritos.

In 1974, the local membership voted to become a chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America, and to this day is one of the oldest and largest chapters of the O.C.A. with members owning Oldsmobile’s from the early 1900’s all the way to Final Five Hundred 2004 models.

Our club makes a point of not only conducting monthly meetings to keep the membership informed of club business but also an opportunity to socialize and meet new members to put faces to the names. There are usually monthly events planned, both car related as well as community related with tours of museums, private collections, various city facilities, and participation in charitable events. We host car shows, attend cruise nights, participate in parades, have had member’s cars in museum displays, and even have had opportunities to have member’s cars in commercials and in the movies.

One of the highlight events each year is the Pacific Southwest Zone Show sponsored by both the So. Cal and Nor. Cal chapters of the Olds Club, typically held in May of each year on the Central California Coast. This event is a points judged show, based on the judging structure used at the O.C.A. national event and is a good “tune up” for the “Nationals” usually held in July of every year at different locations around the country.

The club is open to any year, any model, and any “Olds Powered” automobile you may have or wish to own as current ownership of an Olds is not required, just the enthusiasm of the Oldsmobile brand. The club has many well versed experts among its ranks with a wealth of knowledge on almost any model produced by Oldsmobile that are willing to help newcomers and old timers alike with their questions and projects. We even have a racing contingency amongst the ranks so if going fast or building a street rod is your preference; there is something for those enthusiasts as well.

As a member of the chapter, and the national club ( O.C.A. ) if you desire, you receive monthly newsletters with great articles, photos, tech info, classified ads, event flyers, and more. You can advertise in these publications for free as a club member so this becomes a valuable tool for finding or selling some of those hard to find parts.

So welcome to the Oldsmobile Club of Southern California’s website, feel free to look around and learn more about us, and hopefully we will see you and your Olds at one of our next events.


                                                ROCKET  EXHAUST

Well, I’m composing this lovely message from my favorite coffeehouse this morning, because my apartment is pretty unbearable, with noise and horrible vibrations from the road repaving that is happening right outside…think I’ll be here a while web-surfing, too…but at least we’re finally getting stop lights on the busy corner I live on, so that I’ll actually be able to cross Beryl Street without worrying about being killed by someone turning, and it’ll be nice being able to cross 190th Street as well, which has become as busy as the 405 lately!!

     Well, enough of that; back to club business!

     Hey, this month’s Membership Meeting will be a busy one—it’s our semi-annual “White Elephant Sale”!!!  So bring all those items you’d be likely throwing out anyway—you never know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right??  And it’s for the good of your club!

Also, we’ll be opening the floor for Nominations for next year’s Board Members—so anyone who feels like volunteering just a bit of your time to help in the direction of YOUR club next year, feel free to step up!! 

     Getting the Olds ready for the trip up the Coast to Solvang; and are YOU getting your car registered for our Memorial Car Show & Picnic on Saturday, October 15th??  Ellen Santucci is the contact for this…we always need more cars…and VOLUNTEERS to help out “day of show”!!

     I think I hear the beach in Redondo calling today also (to get away from the noise…hopefully they’re done by around supper time, or I may be thinking about a motel room…lol!!)

     Looking forward to seeing your shiny Olds’ at some of our upcoming events!!


Joe Tannerbauer

OCSC President





  • Updated: September 6, 2016